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What is a Cultural Consultant?

  • Cultural Consultants act as a bridge between black and minority ethnic (BME) service users and professionals.
  • Cultural Consultants work to help service users and providers understand each other.

Who can use Cultural Consultants?

  • Anyone who is working with children, families, individuals or communities from cultures with which they are not familiar.
  • Cultural Consultants can support professionals in the public, private, statutory and third sectors. For example, health, education, social care, housing, police and other services.

Are Cultural Consultants the same as interpreters?

  • An interpreter’s key role is purely language based, translating the voice of the service user.
  • The Cultural Consultant gives meaning to that voice, facilitating an understanding of culture (and subculture), and providing a context for what is being said.

What can our Cultural Consultants offer?

  • Cultural Consultants have an understanding of the service being provided as well as the cultural background of the service user, and is ideally placed to contextualise both language and cultural meaning.
  • All our Cultural Consultants receive regular supervision and support from qualified professionals. They have been trained in professional conduct and practices such as confidentiality, record-keeping and safeguarding. They work within the policies and procedures of Just Psychology CIC.
  • Our Cultural Consultants are non-judgmental, empathetic and friendly, whilst maintaining clear professional boundaries.

I'm not sure whether a Cultural Consultant can help me.

  • Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss whether Cultural Consultancy would be suitable for your particular situation.
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