Sana Gill

sana square.png

Sana is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist in her third year at Lancaster University, on placement at Just Psychology. She is involved in work within refugee and asylum-seeking populations, as well as facilitating groups for children and families as part of the Trafford Sunrise project. With an initial interest in both Health and Neuropsychology, she completed an MSc in Rehabilitation Psychology at the University of Nottingham where she worked in collaboration with researchers at UCLA to complete a research paper in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology.

During the DClinPsy, Sana began to explore her own cultural and religious heritage in relation to her training. She completed a Service Related Project exploring the psychological experiences of South Asian women with breast cancer and hopes to explore the therapeutic processes involved in alleviating emotional distress within the British Muslim population, as part of her doctoral thesis. Sana values a creative and eclectic approach to therapy and values the integration of person-centred principles as well as thinking systemically during her work.

Sana is grateful to have had the experience of working innovatively at Just Psychology and hopes that she has an opportunity to pursue similar work as part of her future career.