Legal Work

Justice Statue

Just Psychology delivers expert witness reports in family law, private law, immigration, and personal injury cases in relation to children and families.

These have included assessment of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties; cognitive functioning; parenting; trauma; attachment; family relationships; and the impact of abuse. 

We provide assessments of all children, adults and families including white British majority cultures. However when working with children and adults from black and minority ethnic cultures, we aim to ensure that a clear analysis of issues of parenting across cultures (including class, race and culture of origin) have been taken into account, and that issues of race and culture are addressed adequately.

We can also provide therapeutic interventions that have been recommended as part of legal proceedings.

Examples of expert witness work include:-

  • Assessment of children and parents (eg attachment, psychological presentation, parenting capacity, cognitive assessments, etc)
  • Medico-legal assessments (eg trauma)
  • Therapeutic interventions

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