Trafford Sunrise

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Trafford Sunrise provides support for children aged five to twelve years in coping with stress, learning how to relax and promoting emotional wellbeing.

Children can access group sessions where they can practice their coping skills and make new friends.

There are also sessions for parents, where they can access support using evidence-based parenting techniques, helping them to identify and support emotional difficulties in their children, and enhance existing coping strategies.

The project engage community organisations to provide training and resources to support children’s emotional health and wellbeing, and reduce stigma and discrimination.

Children’s groups

Children will be able to access group sessions where they can develop their coping skills.  This includes increasing emotional resilience, learning coping strategies,  and increasing self-esteem and social engagement. The sessions are designed in line with the latest research surrounding children’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Individual sessions

Individual therapy sessions with children will be available to those who may require extra support surrounding their emotional wellbeing.

Mental health awareness sessions for professionals

Half-day training sessions will be available to all professionals. You can also find out further information about our services.

Parents’ groups

Parents will be invited to attend group sessions where they can obtain support using evidence-based parenting techniques. We will focus on identifying emotional difficulties, supporting their children and enhancing existing coping strategies. 

Parent coffee mornings

Drop-in coffee mornings will be available for parents to talk and share ideas with other parents. You will able to find out more about our service and information about mental health and wellbeing.


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